The Company

In Southern Italy, along the Tyrrhenian sea coast where the cobalt blue sky meets the sparking emerald clear water many traditions have found fertile ground. Kissed by the Mediterranean sun, here not too far from Naples man and nature have joined to produce what today is one of Italy’s most sought –after exports: buffalo mozzarella. There are many theories on the creation of the first buffalo mozzarella. The most likely hypothesis is that the Norman kings, around the year 1000, brought the water buffalos into southern Italy from Sicily, where they had been introduced by the Arabs. Documents exist confirming that this cheese making tradition continued, and in 1570 Bartolomeo Scappi, one of chefs at the papal court describes its process in his cook book as: "...capo di latte, butirro fresco, ricotte fiorite, mozzarelle fresche et neve di latte...". Since then, the world has come to appreciate and enjoy what many call “white gold”. In keeping with the tradition, of hand made, quality products Caseificio Mo’ Mozzare` prides itself in making artisanal buffalo mozzarella, and other fresh cheeses by using only buffalo milk from the province of Caserta in the Campania region. The blend of modern technology and traditional know how results in a delicate, delicious and rich harmony of flavors that separate Buffalo mozzarella from other chesses like cow’s milk, Fior di Latte. The appreciation for the land, the love and respect of its handed down family traditions have made, in a short time, Caseificio Mo’ Mozzare` a strong leader in the buffalo mozzarella making industry. Caseificio Mo` Mozzare` works together with buffalos farmers and supervises the traceability of all raw materials. The result is the high quality of its cheese selection that meets consumers’ demand for a 100% Made in Italy product.