From the dairy farm to your table

The Buffalo

The real star

The Farms

We constantly monitor the quality of the buffalo  milk we use in respect to the DOP protocol. All farms  have the  ASL, MIPAF, CFS, NAS, DOA certifications as requested by the health ministry for local consumption and export.

 The  unique and  intense flavor of the buffalo milk,  also derives from the optimum health condition of the buffaloes  and the  environment in which they live.  From the feed to the hygiene.

The Milk

We analyze  and inspect the quality of the buffalo milk daily upon its arrival at Caseificio Mo` Mozzare`,over 50 tests are run every month by our cheese makers and laboratory technicians  to ensure  the homogeneity of the product. 

-Buffalo milk is off white in color with  a tangy and smooth  taste.

-Bullafo milk is rich in rich in calcium and phosphorous

-Buffalo  milk is low in sugars  and carbohydrates which makes this product lighter to digest than cow milk.

-Buffalo milk has high level of proteins and mineral  

Our products are inspected and certified by the following governmental agencies:

- ASL- Veterinary certification

-CFS- Department of Agriculture



-MBC- Consortium for the protection of the Italian buffalo 




The Milk 

acidification and coagulation of milk 

breaking and maturation

Kneading of fresh curd

the Shape


The Packaging

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